We are two in one.
Part creative agency, part digital marketing agency.

But you can just call us a new wave advertising agency. We offer concepts, creation, execution and analytics from one single entity – all streamlined and crafted for maximum performance.


Probably you don’t have a lot of time (because life, right?), so we’ll cut right to the chase. Are you at the right place? Yes, if one of these statements resonates with you:

  • I want to sell more products or services by driving relevant traffic to my online destinations

  • I want to steer my competitors' traffic to my website

  • People need to know about my new product or service ASAP

  • When my target audiences are ready to buy, I want to be top-of-mind

  • To turn my digital vision into reality, I need my stakeholders onboard to activate business processes



Core Team


We look forward to your inquiries, projects, ideas, job applications or a simple "hello".

Salz & Water Agency GmbH
Buckhauserstrasse 34
8048 Zürich
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